Badlands Knifeworks

At Badlands Knifeworks we are proud to offer you the choice of knife designs and materials for
complete satisfaction.
Choose from our skinner or hunter styles in either clip or drop point designs in either full or
hidden tang or even the smaller bird knife or caping knife for finer work.
For the fisherman we also offer a small filet design that will take care of most needs that they
can encounter.  
We use a couple of different steel types (440C, D-2, and 154CM) for our knives with 154CM
being the odds on favorite for all around workability and durability

Handle materials used include a variety of synthetics, stabilized wood, natural wood, and natural
products such as bone and antler. Choose your handle material and spacer colour from existing
stock or suggest another handle material and we will see if it can be sourced
For durability, dymondwood is highly recommended as a handle material. It is a natural wood
product that is laminated and impregnated with a clear resin. This stabilizes it and results in a
material that won't warp, crack, shrink, or swell.   

All Badlands Knifeworks knives come with a hand made leather sheath specifically crafted and
fitted for your knife. You can choose from either black or brown leather and before ordering
make sure you tell us what hip you wear it on so we can make the sheath up accordingly. You
can choose from a variety of wildlife embellishments as well as stitching colour.
We can also make up sheaths for an existing knife in your collection. We will need the knife,
however to make sure it is custom fitted for that knife.

As you can see, the choices are yours for knife design,handle material, and sheath design, which
all can be discussed at the time of ordering.

Feel free to browse the gallery pages for ideas.
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